Jamila Harris

Founder Director of Kids-N-Business, teaches children and youth ages 5-17, to start and operate businesses.


About Jamila Harris

Jamila Harris is an Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, Author, Speaker, Marketing Expert, Trainer, and Real Estate Broker. Harris' representative client list includes McDonald's Corporation, Nations Bank (now Bank of America), Dow Jones & Company, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and Martin Luther King, JR. Center for Non-violent Social Change headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She is Founder/Director of Kids-N-Business, a non profit program teaching entrepreneurship to kids ages 5-17 years. Founding Director of the Dow Jones-Spelman College Entrepreneurial Center, Jamila Harris is a product of the Atlanta University Center, namely, Spelman College and Atlanta University. 


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